Gino’s Gelato

Authentic Italian Gelateria

After nearly 40 years in the business, the Gino’s brand was unveiled in 2008, specialising in gelato. In 2008 after almost 40 years of commitment to the ice cream business and the development of our unique gelato recipe it was time to unveil our new brand that embodied all the values and qualities of our product, Gino’s Gelato was born.

The Gino’s concept reflects the Italian ‘la dolce vita’ through our casual offering of coffees, drinks and crepes as well as our product line of artisan gelato. At any given time, when you visit a Gino’s shop or kiosk you will find as many as 30 unique flavours of gelato.

Gelato’s main ingredient is milk which we source locally. All other products are imported from Italy so as to ensure that true Italian flavour. High quality gelato also greatly depends on the individual skills and abilities of the gelataio or gelato maker. We have trained with the master’s themselves in Italy. We know that investing in the training of our staff is key
to our success. We also value our Gino’s brand and have ensured from the outset that it is consistent and strong and that it enhances the whole experience for the customer.

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