Longueville House Beverages

William O Callaghan, of Longueville House, has been producing Artisan Apple Brandy for many years using tree-to-bottle brewing, on the grounds of our award winning country house in Mallow, County Cork.

It all started when William’s father, the late Michael O’Callaghan, planted 25 acres of cider apples in 1985. A pioneering spirit, He was keen to create a product like Calvados, and the superb Longueville Irish Apple Brandy is now distilled annually, With the guidance of Dan Duggan – Longuevilles’ chief Apple Brandy Distiller and Cider Brewer.

Coupled with our cider, Longueville produced the Irish Apple Brandy, on site, which is stored in French oak barrels & aged for four years to allow mature. During the maturing process, the brandy draws out the tannin’s from the oak wood resulting in a brandy which is rich with the aroma of apples, yet smooth and full bodied on the palate. It is then bottled in 500 ml glass and sold as Longueville House Irish Apple Brandy.

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