Since the 1700s over seven generations of the O’Donnell family have lived on Seskin Farm, Co. Tipperary and have mastered the art of cultivating the perfect potato. . In 2007 Ed O’ Donnell, a young seventh generation farmer wanted to diversify as farming was looking bleak at the time and since 2010 they have brought their hard won expertise as well as the family name, to create the finest of hand cooked crisps.

O’Donnells, Ireland’s number one, hand cooked crisps are delighted to announce a new flavour to their already stellar line-up – O’Donnells Ballymaloe Relish and Cheddar Cheese Flavour!

This exciting collaboration sees two household Irish brands coming together to give crisp-lovers a truly delicious new flavour. O’Donnells and Ballymaloe Foods have worked tirelessly together to develop this unique taste in a crisp. This new mouth watering Ballymaloe Relish and cheddar cheese flavour will have crisp lovers licking their lips!


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