The Natural Bakery

The schedule for live bread-making demos can be foundĀ here.

We’re an Irish company with a passion for bread and a love for handmade baked goods.

We strive to source Irish ingredients and to create solid, long-lasting bonds with local Irish producers: last year alone we used 10,000 gallons of Irish cream, 5,000 kg of Irish butter and, as part of our Grain Project, we baked 25 tonnes of Irish grown wholemeal flour all coming from trusted farms in Co. Dublin.

Taste of Dublin 2017 will give us an opportunity to bring our dedicated team of bakers and confectioners to the Iveagh Gardens, where visitors will see our pop-up Natural Bakery in full swing.

Drop by and watch us knead, mix and bake delicious and fresh treats for your enjoyment.

See you in Taste of Dublin 2017!

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